Notebook - set of 3

Hey you pocket poets, artists, cats & monkies. Here's 32 blank pages for you to go nuts on. Printed with vegetable ink on recycled paper, so mother nature won't mind if you screw up on a page or two. On the rest - let there be magic!
Set of all 3 notebooks ( Monkey, Lion & Awake ), complete with natural rubber band and tiny pencil. Fits nicely in your pocket or purse. The books measure 13x9cm.
These books are made in Oregon, U.S.A. I try as hard as I can to only work with small local business and as natural and sustainable as possible. This time it turned out that the best, small business was not so local. But all put together turned out to be the best alternative available. Printed with vegetable ink on 100% recycled paper on machines powered by renewable energy. I'm still looking for a close alternative. If you know one - please let me know!
100 SEK