Sara Sandström
Momo - blanket

Momo - blanket

All right here it is. The good looking baby blanket. And not only that. It's 100% organic, two sided, pre washed and the perfect size. It goes on the floor or in the bed and it doubles as a towel. 
One side is made from thick and soft terry cotton, the other is a mix of natural linnen and indigo dyed cotton. The blanket has been stitched together with decorative seams, following traditional quilting technique. The blanket is thick and heavy and has a nice mix of textures. The fabrics are 100% organic and have all been pre washed ( and pre shrunk ). However I do recommend that you wash it separately and on a low temperature ( around 30 degrees celsius ). The dark colors of the indigo may continue to bleed. I personally use it all the time. On the floor for the baby to play on, as a blanket at night or as a wrap around after bath.

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