Key chain - Hobo

During the great depression of the 30s the Hobo community in North America adopted the monkey fist as a symbol of hope. The monkey fist is originally a knot applied at the end of a rope, used on boats to be able to throw a line to the docks. It was further used out at sea, to another ship in distress - and it became known as "the life line". The line between hope and despair. Between hobos it became as a symbol of fraternity. Of helping out even when the odds are against you.
The key chain is made in Bohuslän from jute rope ( produced in Hungary since there seem to be no Swedes rope twining anymore ) and a solid brass ring. They are dipped in oil paint, an old fashioned way of keeping the knot tight aboard ships. They measure about 12cm. 
5% of the sales got to Stadsmissionen in Gothenburg. 

175 SEK