Sara Sandström
Cutting board - Boj

Cutting board - Boj

Boj is your everyday friend. He brings you joy on Monday mornings when you most need it, cheese on Fridays and a little something extra for the weekend!

These boards are hand made up the coast from Gothenburg, at a place called Slottet ( now that is Swedish for The Castle ). However nothing royal about it, it happens to be the place where my father in law - the carpenter - lives. These boards are made from left over wood found in his work shop. The first batch is oak, beautiful, vibrant and durable enough to last - so that it may bring joy to the Monday mornings of generations to come.
Oak wood. All made by hand, the boards are unique from each other and with small irregularities. They are about 14cm wide and the height varies from 38-44, depending on the length of the piece I started out with. The handles are dipped in white or dark Indigo blue oil paint. The wood is untreated and I suggest you give it a good rub from your favourite oil before using it.
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