Sara Sandström


Winterbird Co. is small lovely stuffs to get through the winter - and a cold summer. All hand made in Sweden.

This is what I believe in:
Local. Everything is hand crafted under absolutely no stress in Sweden by me or small, local businesses ( Well the local stuff is true, but the other... I'm working on it ).

Beauty. My patterns and designs try not to be trendy - but long lasting favourites. Classics with a hand crafted feel to them. Things that hopefully will stay with you for a long time!

People. Working with small businesses or local craftsmen or women, people that bring joy to the process and put their heart in what they do.
I am Sara Sandström - artist, designer and generally quite a handy person. You'll mostly find me on the Swedish west coast dreaming of the real wild west coast of the U.S.
You can also find me at

+46 73 540 13 75